Wednesday, September 26, 2007

HOKAY every body my much anticipated next instalation lol poor you its mostly about work

I have crews spread out over 18,000 square miles of southern Manitoba, digging holes like gophers but why why why do they think I care. Okay I do but thats not the point! Go to work and quit frigging whining I am not your mom!!!!!

Its been a very hectic few years in the dirt dawbing business(as my american friends call it) and I havent had a vacation since June 2005 which isnt too bad except I have been working 70+ hours a week and I am burnt out.

Gees I am going to have to check the family tree for frenchman as the wining is becoming over poweringly thick lol

If you have any questions I am overpoweringly direct for the most part, still a bit coy about the Irish Chick