Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello to you Chris and all your fine feathered followers

Bad news again on the western front, Heartland Lacey again finished a dismal 7th out 8. Well out of the money and the pride. Not her fault though as the trainer and part owner has not been pulling his weight, he has found a cabal to go and get drunk with on the weekends and hasn't been paying attention to his horses however Saturday life gave him a wedgie and he went home with his tail firmly planted between his legs. Sunday he returned and appeared sober and focused He did much better but his horses were under prepared so he only won a single race and unusually no one picked him up to drive their horses as a catch driver. Unfortunately our horse raced Saturday. He had a shitty pay day this week and I hope it has opened his eyes but I will have to wait till next weekend to see if this was a one day reformation or he has truly woken up from the bad dream. A day too late but never too soon.


Blogger Christine said...

I think it is YOUR fault for feeding her too many carrots. lol

I hope she isn't having self esteem issues with her loses. :-(

11:21 a.m.  
Blogger bohica said...

Fire his ass? I don't how it works, but if he doesn't drive her ... even if it's a couple weeks, wouldn't it make an impact?

11:44 a.m.  

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