Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I hate to fly

I hate to fly, I do not mind the flying part its the seats and the rigmarole involved in flying.

I know you are thinking "sure your fat ass won't fit in the seats" well it actually will its just that its not particularity comfortable. My problem is that stupid head rest, if its a head rest why does it get me right where my neck meets my shoulders. Talk about uncomfortable those seat backs are built for "normal" people but they subject my neck and spine to some unnatural positions that makes sitting for 6 or 8 hours into a torture trial.

I think the airlines should be forced to accommodate people of different sizes, I mean the same way its not comfortable for me to have my knees jammed against the seat ahead of me while my hack is misaligned. Those of less prodigious proportions must also have trouble, little old ladies who feet dangle above the floor or peoples who legs are so short they can either sit with their feet straight out in front of the or their back not against the seat back must also have problems feeling comfortable and freak like.

I am not normal! If normal means average then I have never aspired to being normal I just wish I wasn't so unusual, then maybe the world would be more able to accommodate me


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