Tuesday, July 22, 2008

50 things about me you didn't ask or care about

1 I am tall 6'6" and no I didn't fudge
2 I am fat 400 pounds to be exact
3 the first 2 facts mean I resemble a defensive line man more than anything
4 the first 2 facts probably explain why I have diabetes
5 I have lost around 80 pounds since I was diagnosed with diabetes about 5 months ago
6 I am very good at sticking to my low carb diet
7 I ate my first real complete salad at the tender age of 39, after being diagnosed with the big D
8 I even gave up beer for diabetes, well mostly anyways
9 Diabetes is actually very easy to manage with diet, at least for me it is but I was never a big bread, pasta and sugar fan. But I miss beer
10 My older brother taught me to drive a car
11 I taught my older brother how to drive a semi-truck
12 I have worked on and off for the same company for 24 of my 39 years
13 My family owns said company
14 I worked for exactly 3 different companies in my life
15 I delivered domino's pizza for 2 months 1 spring
16 I made little metal boxes for a year and a half
17 I have a sub genius to genius IQ
18 I chose to work with my hands and found out it takes a lot of brains as well
19 I played second fiddle to my brother most of my life just because he was my older brother, its only in the last few years that my dad sees me as his equal.
20 I run the family business not because of my father but in spite of him, he tried many times to give my job to my brother but he didn't want it and I wouldn't let him take it
21 I can be very domineering when I choose to be but seldom choose to be because I don't want people to think I am a bully because of my size
22 I am very shy, I hide it better than most
23 When I was 15 I entertained the idea of going to university and becoming an accountant as I always like numbers
24 when I was 15 I started in the family business and chucked university out the window in favour of playing with tonka trucks
25 I sometimes regret that decision, though I suspect its just mid life crisis
26 I hated school from the very first year of kindergarten, I was taught to hate school by my teachers. thanks Mrs. Buchanon
27 When I was 12 I argued my science teacher to a standstill, I think he actually liked me better after
28 When I was 12 I got detention for not standing up for GSTQ, fuck the old crank she has never done anything to earn my respect so she doesn't get it
29 I have lived in exactly 5 different places in my life, we moved from the family farm when I was less than a year, when I was 10 we moved from one side of the city to the other, when I was 21 I moved into an apartment with my brother and when I was 24 I bought the house I still live in
30 I have owned 5 cars in my life, my identity is not tied up in my car so I don't care how old they are as long as they run well
31 I was born with a hole in my heart, I remember allot of visits to the doctors when I was a toddler, stopped when I was 4 or 5 so I guess I must be cured
32 I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old
33 My Garage is better furnished and in better shape then my house is
34 I own my own golf cart and have for 8 years
35 I have owned as many as 3 boats at one time, presently I am boat less
36 I am getting bitter in my old age
37 I have no Friends only acquaintances
38 I had a friend but his first wife didn't like me and his second liked me even less.
39 My friend left town with out even saying good bye , so good riddance
40 The death of his father has probably affected me more than the any one else, he too was a friend but gone and not forgotten
41 I am stubborn to the point of obstinacy, it runs in the family from both sides, no one is more stubborn then me
42 I am an optimist in as much as I believe every problem has a solution
43 I am an expert at finding solutions, though not always popular ones
44 I can't invent shit, but I can invent new uses for other peoples inventions
45 I have a solid working plan for faking my own death if the need should arise
46 I live alone, I always have, I prefer it that way.
47 I would prefer -20 to + 40C
48 I would never really ever be happy living anywhere but the prairies of Canada, 360 degree horizons and giant blue skies are what make me happy
49 Crowds of people annoy me so I avoid them at all costs
50 I am getting old man eyebrows and I hate them

51 I have always known I will not live to be 48, I just don't know why


Blogger Christine said...

48 seems like a weird age..I could see 40 or 50 but why 48?

7:57 p.m.  

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