Friday, June 20, 2008

Well chris I have never considered myself as one of the pack. everybody likes to think of themselves as unique or different I can back that claim up. I do not whine or whimper when I am hurt or sick and eschew all offers of help. I do take to my bed if I have a severe cold or flu but as I live alone if I want a drink I have to get my own ass out of bed to get it, get my own ass to the store for cold shit and food. So maybe I am different then most men

Or maybe its not my qualities that are unique but the lack of quality in the men you know! LOL

I mean we have your own testimony about the SCM and your first husband Neither of which are shining examples of ideal men. I was raised by quiet self sufficient parents to be quietly self sufficient. I think the real problem is that you are a product of who raised you and if you were raised to be a little bitch when you're sick then you become a little bitch when you are sick.

As a kid when we were sick we were not in anyway catered to. If you were sick you stayed in bed in your bed room. There was no watching television while mommy fetched you milk and cookies. Needless to say there were no tv's in our bedrooms. There was only 1 in the whole house and that was in the living room.

Frankly I think families would be a lot closer and there would be a lot less problems with kids if families didn't segregate themselves in their own houses. one tv or one computer in a central location and dinner every night around a table would drastically improve most families

So there you go my 2 cents worth


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