Thursday, June 19, 2008

About Nothing for No Reason.

1. You just received too much change. What is the most that you would feel obligated to come clean about it..if at all?

Depends on the service, if they are cranky and shitty servers I will walk away with out counting if I think I was over paid. If its good friendly service then I will return any amount

2. What is the last present you regifted?

I am a man, we don't do that. I just throw away gifts I dont want

3. You're puking your guts up from the flu and are delirious, who do you call to take care of you?

Again I am a man, I suffer in silence. Most I might do is phone work and beg off, but have to be near death to do that

4. It is 4am, you're at Dennys (or any 24 hour diner like establishment) after a night of drinking. What did you just order?

Greasy burger with the works

5. You were just handed $2500 and must spend it going away for the weekend. Where are you going and are you going to ask anyone to come along?

Probably on a shopping spree in the local fishing store, maybe a hotel and a good meal. No one to invite along

6. Who shared your first ever romantic kiss and do you know where that person is now?

None of your business and Yes

Please let me know if you played.


Blogger Christine said...

Men suffer in silence. BAAHAAHAA. I never met a man in my life that didn't demand morphine when they skinned their little knee.
Men are bitches when they get sick. Whaa whaaa.
I think you are either full of shit or the one guy in this entire world that doesn't turn into a three year old wanting mommy when he stubs his toe.

4:31 p.m.  

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