Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have entered the final days of my cling on existence in less than a week I join the much reviled 40 something club. But as I am still 39 for a few more days and I AM clinging on with my toe nails I think its time I went a little mad as us young uns is prone to do.

Perhaps I will go and roll my RRSP's into something retro chic and invest it all in ebay stock

No that would be just plain crazy

I guess there is just nothing to look forward in middle age....... except that whole middle age shrinking thing could work for me

Kaplach my cling on brothers and sisters I go not hastily into the darkness but cry not for me I was never meant to be immortal


Blogger Christine said...

Happy Birthday..when is it and what did you get me?

4:34 p.m.  

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