Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Okay now I know some people believe in togetherness but I think this is ridiculous. Now you can't even go to the crapper to be alone! Sometimes I despair.

Any ways back to my so called life

Lets see I spent the weekend in Portage La Prairie Manitoba at my nephew Paul's hockey tournament, a good time was had by all. I went in the hotel water slide played dodge ball with some water logged been bags and got drunk.

We had a party in my room till 3 am that included several visits from the management and the hasty retreat of my neighbours. For the amount they soaked me for that hotel room they aren't getting any sympathy from me, the maids however earned their pay on that job

My brother and I have a rivalry going over our trucks I say Ford's rule he is a mopar dork. This weekend my FORD played taxi to his family cause his crappy dodge wouldn't start Saturday morning outside a pizza joint in portage. That is twice in less than a year I have had to use my FORDS to rescue his dodges lol. Needless to say I have been rubbing it in gleefully at every opportunity

I spent time playing with my niece and nephew so it was a class time all the way around

Work is a never ending slog that is wearing me down faster than I ever anticipated so if you know anyone with 8 million dollars and the ambition to own a heavy equipment construction company in western Canada send them my way

The Diabetes thing is kicking the shit out of me and its causing problems with my kidneys. I always said I would die when I was 47 but am starting to wonder if I will last that long lol. Enough of the morbid shhtuff

One of my many long lost cousins contacted me through Facebook this week, I have only ever met her the one time along long time ago but we share a fairly unusual last name so she tracked me down. Was interesting to meet someone so unfamiliar yet with so many ties that bind

That's about all I can think of that is new and interesting but as always feel free to drop in and ask a question


Blogger Christine said...

The couple that shits together fits together?

Hmmm...wtf are you doing wrong that your kidneys are getting messed up. Cut it out.

You'd better start listening to you doctor before you end up on dialysis and you are far too young for that bullshit.

2:07 p.m.  
Blogger Christine said...

Haven't seen you around for a while? You have a problem being nagged or something? Wuss.

7:15 a.m.  

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