Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well I don't remember if I told yall but I bought a 1/4 interest in a third horse, I own it with a Friend and the trainer owns 1/2. The trainer is telling me that the wee lass is training well and I could recoup my whole investment in 1 or 2 races. The trainer was desperate for cash and sold the horse too cheap I think but I paid what he asked but I was expecting to pay twice what I did. It seems for once I made a bargain but I haven't even ever seen this horse. Not even a picture of it so I hope its as good as they say.

Its finally getting to be decent weather here and I am considering demothballing my trailer for the summer. Any one wants to drop by for a well done steak just RSVP by the previous Friday.

I am scheduled this weekend to go and help one of my employees strip the stucco off his house, I remember this as shitty job but he asked so I agreed. I think I will be getting my exercise this weekend lol

Everything is going fairly well these days I am happy with where things are

I think I will take my big red truck out of the garage and go for a drive, some people like motorcycles or sports cars but I prefer my Super Duty Ford

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