Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear Mr./miss/Mrs. Anonymous

Thank you for your recent visitation and criticism. Yes I fully admit that this is a whiny blog because I come here to whine. I don't whine in my real life as there are entirely too many relying on me. But every one needs a vent and this is my place to vent. If you don't like my musings that is your business but should you ever bother returning feel free to comment as you want, I always welcome other perspectives on my life or at least that part I choose to show you.

One interesting point you raise is why Chris follows my blog. I know you followed me from there because as far as I know she is the only one in the world who follows my whining. I believe she used to enjoy reading about the Irish chick but since I rarely discuss her much this reason has obviously expired. I guess we have a weird blog relationship I have followed her through all of the twists ant turns of her life through blogging. You may know her original blog "100 reasons I hate my husband" it was a great blog and she is a fantastic writer.

I wish I could write as well and find the humour in life she and so many others do, that isn't me so I get on with posting what I do.

You have read my blog and know what it is like so feel free not to comeback conversely feel free to return at your leisure, I am a big boy now and can accept criticism

ADDENDUM: Please feel free to use your real online name I will not follow you back to your blog to start trouble, my mother raised me to have class. If you want a flame war we could have it right here, just give me a chance to put up the fire proof curtains


Blogger Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love anonymous commenters. They crack me up and usually provide a solid foundation that leads to a blog post full of mockery (towards them). It cracks me right up!

1:34 p.m.  

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