Monday, October 26, 2009

Okay so there is still no racing info for you fine feted follower(s). But here goes I am now legally licensed to own race horses in 3 province and licensed to sport fish in 2. Now if this keeps up some one will start accusing me of having a swelled head with my cross border dandering but rest assured I will remain the overly large prairie boy I have always been lol

Since I don't have racing to talk about I guess I will have to delve back into my dark deep mysterious past, or at least a story of fucking up at an earlier time

Picture a smallish but stout 14 year old boy riding his ten speed through the mean streets of a dusty prairie town, riding with the certain daring do that only dumb ass teenager can muster. I was cycling to visit a friend and it being down hill I was not wasting any time, approaching an intersection and a hard left turn. I judged the traffic or lack there of and decided to throw my bike into a hard left lean and head into the corner with all the speed I could, about half way through the turn that nasty bitch of a bicycle decided to teach me a lesson. The axle that the pedals attach to snapped in half and down I went hard into the asphalt and hard into the road rash.

Some passing motorists stopped and offered to help but even then understanding the need for manly ego I politely declined and limped bleeding the block and a half to my buddies abode. Where I did get some sympathy but only till they figured out I wasn't dying then like all boys do they had a good laugh.

The worst was my mom wouldn't even come and pick me up I had to walk the mile and a half home.

Thank Dog I didn't have helicopter parents, they taught me to be mentally tough and self reliant.

But there was hard lessons between here and there and a lot of bruises and scars.


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