Monday, October 05, 2009

Okay First a spelling correction apparently I have been spelling her name wrong and she is quite miffed with me but here goes

The Devon Cream Update

Short and sweet she didn't run this week as all the 2 year olds were scratched by the judges. Apparently 2 year old horses are like teenagers in that they break easily. So since the track was wet and shitty from the non-stop rain they pulled the children off the track. This was also the last race in Saskatoon Saskatchewan and she will be coming home for a few weeks before heading off to Alberta to race. The trainer has promised to do his job this time so since he is cheaper we will be giving him a few more weeks. He will not be the trainer in Alberta

Prairie Ruff n Tuff is in Alberta to be schooled in the fine art of harness racing with a new trainer and hopefully he will be ready to run when the season starts out there. Otherwise he will be coming home in shame and ignominy and you know how hard that is for teenagers to bare that


Blogger Christine said...

Shit...for a moment there I thought you went out and bought yourself a dinosaur.

12:45 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horses are stunningly beautiful!
And that is some picture riding the dragon.

I read your profile, and I can just say that personality is a lot more important than looks. Thanks for visiting Secret Story Time, I hope you'll become a frequent guest.

Sincerely, Secretia

7:25 a.m.  

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