Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well Chris since you asked, no not really I am not much of a bitcher and what pisses me off I usually just let go. Its why I can handle extreme levels of stress with relative ease, I don't store up the anger and frustration in my cheeks like a chipmunk with acorns. I let it go (I some times vent but not too often) and I try and remember the things I like not the things I hate.

Speaking of things I like, the Irish Chick read my blog today and was completely less than happy about it. I kind of know what you went through with the SCM when he found your blog, except I don't think my blog in any way denigrates her, She feels other wise. We agreed to disagree

Work... well its gone completely and utterly insane as per expectations and I am seriously considering quitting and taking up a quiet life of knitting. Nahh with hands like mine stitch purl knit would look like the cats been playing with it lol

Diabetes? Well just went for my 3 month blood test so stand by for results, I am happy but I suspect Doc wont be. Blood sugar is still a bit high but when it drops down to normal I feel anything but normal.

I bought a slightly used minivan, I sold a slightly more used minivan for slightly more than I bought it for

I suffered several insubstantial war wounds this week owing entirely to my impatience, though the bruise on my thigh is turning a particularly pretty shade of purple..... if you like purple that is.

I am considering razing my house, bonus points if you know what that means with out looking it up, to build a new one. the roof is leaking now and it is really frosting my flakes

I haven't won the lottery but I did get my tax refund so it feels about the same lol

That's pretty much my life in a nut shell

Now you know more about me than my family but less than the IC

ta Ta for now


Blogger Christine said...

I am surprised as you've never said a thing negative about the IC. I tore SCM a new asshole so I could see his bitterness..IC? Not so much.

Funny thing about SCM finding the blog..he really has been working on issues I addresssed. It is like he couldn't believe they were issues until he saw them in writing for the rest of the world to see.

I thought you and IC were off again? I can't keep tracked.

No idea what razing means.

Glad you've got your DM under control.

I need a nap or some coffee.

2:28 p.m.  

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