Monday, March 16, 2009

Okay I have been accused of being a little elusive as of late so I am here to welcome you behind the curtains back stage to my fabulous life

Saturday as per my usual routine I was working on getting a little stupid on liquor. any ways i tripped myself up on a carelessly discarded towel and landed on my glass, doing a remarkably good job of cutting myself to pieces. the blood trail and pool where I stemmed the flow were fairly impressive. anyways i went to sleep after applying first aid.

the next day I woke up and re-examined my wounds and decided one needed stitches 2 to be exact. Instead of being embarrassed by admitting my stupidity i put them in myself. luckily they are hidden by clothes so i do not have to explain the shitty job. it appears to be healing well with no infection

Any ways just to satisfy the voyeurs you now know the truth and only the people who read my little tome actually know the truth. i lied to the Irish chick, i told her i hurt myself but if i told her this story she would freak. luckily she never reads this blog

my family only knows about the visible wounds

spread the word you have confirmation you have met a dumbass


Blogger Christine said...

You put stiches through your skin YOURSELF?

Ya know what? That shit is even a little too macho for me. YIKES.

9:04 a.m.  

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