Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Bang the worst dudes, sorry mom is a site where women go to bitch about men they have slept with. It is amazing how little self worth and how much shit women are willing to put up with

I wasted three years of my life with this prize, and after I gave him the boot he dropped out of school and moved back home with his mommy. The sex was forgettable, orgasm-less and brief. He also swore that the curve to his penis was due to him wearing size 00 women’s jeans. To top it all off, he never cleaned the washroom in his apartment once, so the floor was carpeted with discarded pubes. Months after we broke up he called me repeatedly to try to have phone sex. No thanks

This is becoming a favourite site of mine even though it is maddengly slow to update.

The ladies seem to think its a bitch site for their bad taste in men but to me the site should be called

Sorry mom I have no self esteem


Blogger Christine said...

It is so nice to read that there are woman a TAD worse off than I am in the choosing men dept. Hey, that tad does wonders for MY self esteem. :-)

7:42 a.m.  

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