Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Okay so in the interest of not taking over Chris's Blog I will post my dumb ass drunk story on my own blog (as well as upping my post count)

It was when I was about 25, I met an old school Friend in the bar and both being a little wild and wacky we started hard at it. I wanted whiskey he wanted tequila so I ordered a round of 3 whiskies, 3 tequila's and a beer. He bought the second round I remember that much however much of the rest of the evening I have been told about. Apparently I was making "snow angels" on the bar floor and I fell over in the bar hit a table and put a 7 stitch cut over my right eye. Apparently I was leaning against the side of the bar playing with my cut and making the bouncers go green. My other Friend loaded me into a taxi and took me off to the hospital.

I came to in the cab and remember walking into emergency, where the attending nurse was my parents next door neighbour. I layed down on the table and the doctor came in and told me how many stitches I needed and asked if wanted a local anesthetic? I told him that I probably had enough anti-freeze running through my body that I could for go the pleasure.

The doctor put some surgical cloths over my face, I think to escape my alcohol breath. He then proceeded to do his job. It is kind of a surreal feeling to be blind folded and fully aware as someone sticks a needle in your forehead and slowly pulls a string through your skin.

I get back to the apartment I share with my brother about 3am, I got out of bed at 7am and my brother gave me a ride to work(I was in no shape to drive). I walked into my fathers office and sit down in one of his guest chairs and he takes one look at me and says he doesn't think I am in any shape to be at work. I agreed whole heartily and my brother gives me a ride home again

1 week later I am in front of a mirror with nail clippers and a pair of tweezers removing the stitches myself vowing never to drink tequila ever again. I have kept that vow

The real kicker to the whole story the day I showed up drunk in my dad's office was December the 24th. Helluva Christmas present dad lol


Blogger Christine said...

Snow angels on the bar floor? Now THAT needs to be on youtube!

I have to give you kudos for going to work at all. I think open wounds warrant an automatic "call in dead" day.

3:36 p.m.  

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