Sunday, February 26, 2006

Does anybody but me miss the confidence of youth?

When I was 20 I was indestructible and unstoppable. I was 6'6, 300 pounds of muscle, longish thick hair and money like nobody's business(not really but I didn't have any payments). I knew absolutely everything , just ask me! I could do anything, just dare me. If I knew as much now as I did then I could make Bill Gates look like a pauper LOL

I remember once when I was 20 I did what now is something I would never ask anybody else to do.

it was mid December about -20 with a 30 mile an hour wind, it was probably the equivalent of -50. We needed a road plowed into a gravel pit but there was already a Caterpillar sitting there. So mister indestructible that I am I walked a mile across a wide open and treeless prairie field. I had to hike into my favourite cat get it started and plow myself a road out of the pit. The stupid bit was it hadn't been running in weeks and there was no guarantee that it would start even then. But it was my pet caterpillar I knew deep in my heart that it would start but that it would only start under my personal touch. See the confidence(stupidity) of youth. That was one of the longest coldest walks I ever took because if I was wrong I had to walk back and frankly by the time I got there I wasn't entirely sure I would have made it. I made it into my cat and started the procedure to get it started, it didn't sound good the starter was turning over the engine slow and it wasn't really firing, I can honestly say I was worried. As the minutes passed I was getting scared, so I stopped and I had a little talk with my cat, its name was killer by the way, it had that name when I got it. So I talked to the old girl and explained the situation and how I really needed her to come through for me this time, I gave her a little rub and turned it over again. Slowly ever so slowly it began to fire one Cylinder at a time was catching and I could feel it fighting to come alive. And then almost like a miracle it was alive and breathing on its own and it was warming up. You can say what you want about me making it sound alive and having a personality but me and the old girl we had many adventures and she never let me down. I looked after her and she looked after me and we survived together. We both have our scars and marks but I know she will do anything I ask of her and she knows I will do anything she asks of me, Did I tell you that old girl and me we spent 4 hours plowing a road out of that pit, she never missed a beat and neither did I, we both froze our asses off because we were both out in the winter. She didn't have a cab. Probably the funniest thing, is how much I miss those days, back when I knew everything.

back when I was invincible



Blogger Libby said...

yup, razor, sure was fun being ten feet tall and bulletproof!!

8:03 a.m.  
Blogger Meggy said...

Would you offer where it is you're from in Canada?

I live in CA, but am originally from Saskatchewan.

11:42 a.m.  
Blogger razorbeck said...

I was born in Saskatchewan but i have lived almost my whole life in Manitoba

12:01 p.m.  

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