Friday, May 29, 2009

My horse Heartland Lacey is racing again tonight but unfortunately I am not able to go, My wee and favourite niece has a ballet recital tonight and would be disappointed if I tried to skip out

Plus the nephew has soap box derby races tomorrow morning

I will post the results as they are available on the internets

Or if you are that dang curious you could go to Stadardbred Canada web site and find the link to the Yorkton Races

Zee yah later


Blogger Christine said...

Post the results of the soap box derby race too!!

Of course my ex husband couldn't be bothered to help my son when he was at soap box derby age so his contraption was a piece of shit that rolled down the ramp. Good times.

Of course I can't even program my clock radio without help so I was useless.

Good times.

How..hope your nag wins. They don't make dog meat our of them if they lose? Do they?

8:38 a.m.  

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