Thursday, August 27, 2009

In response to Chris's question

How long DOES it typically take for a horse to be ready to run a race? 10 months doesn't seem that long?

Typically it seems to take between 5 and 8 months, you can rush the training but you gamble that the horse will not injure itself. For example one of the guys we race against is a bit impatient and he rushed his horse in a little over 8 weeks, it ran once or twice injured itself and is now done racing till next year. He actually did this with more than one horse this year and it has cost him every time

That is why I did not begrudge the time spent training until it turned into being ridiculous, I can honestly say that I am now leery about purchasing any more horses and especially about placing with this trainer.

I met a new trainer and I respect his abilities and judgement a lot but he is 82 and not capable of looking after more than 1 or 2 horses which he already has

By the way his 2 year olds which he bought at the exact same sale have been racing for 6 weeks already ...... and winning


Blogger Christine said...

That's too bad about the ole guy. Maybe you can ask him to hold a slot next time he can take another horse on.

12:30 p.m.  

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