Monday, January 16, 2006

The Irish chick

we met in an innocuous little chat room that doesn't even exist anymore. It was December 7, 2003, a saurday I believe, about 4 pm central standard time.

the first time we met it was in a basically empty chat room I sometimes went in and had never seen her in it before. We only talked maybe twenty minutes that first day but I knew there was something about her I liked and she became the first person I looked for when I logged on to that chat server. And with in days we were on messenger. She is normally a very shy and reserved person but wow things moved fast as lightning lol.

we talked, we laughed and we shared intimate wee chats about our lives. There is no one who knows more about my life then her. I love her I always will love her.shes smart and strong with her own opinions and values and she doesn't let me get away with shit. lol she is everything I ever wanted in a woman, if only she was a 6 foot tall blonde lmao just kidding. Maybe I am weird but I love intelligent women and she is definitely that. She is also pretty, cute and extremely easy to make blush. And when she looks at me over the top of her glasses and gives me a look that says "you're nuts" it makes me laugh so very hard and love her more than ever.

I don't know how much I can tell you with out betraying the confidences she has entrusted me with. I may not be much but I don't kiss and tell.

even when we are fighting she makes me smile, which drives her crazy but that's another story. She says I am no fun to fight with because I don't get wound up, I do get quite wound up in fact but she never brings that out in me. I can sit and watch her for hours just walk around and putter but she gets self conscious so I have to kind of do it out the corner of my eye. I think she still notices but lets it slide because I am atleast not doing the full on stare.

the physical description of her. She is a brunette, 5'3, petite, loads of freckles, soft almost translucent skin and a shapely if small wee bum. Her collarbone are not any wider than the ourtstretched fingers of my hand. Her whole hand is smaller than 3 of my fingers, she lays her delicate hand in my big ole bear paw and it cracks me up. We are just basically polar opposites on the appearance meter. She is a pretty and a delicate but strong woman and me if I had a little more hair I could pass as a lowland gorilla.

I knew before the first time we ever met face to face that she suited me to a tee mentally and the first time we sat cuddled on a sofa, she snuggled up under my arm and fit just right, I knew she was perfect. Except I am always scared I will break her, like my moms favourite glass figurine.


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