Friday, January 13, 2006

razors back

the Irish chick

the first time I went to meet the Irish chick we agreed to meet in a neutral place. Of course we agreed to meet in a neutral place, I mean I could be an axe murderer or something. Sorry for the sarcasm but it doesn't change the truth of the internet. Anyone can be anything they want on here. I could just as easily be a short woman or the original Canadian psycho. I say this in recognition of an earlier comment that maybe she wasn't being truthful, I can say she was always entirely truthful but neither was I, we all embellish don't we. Anyways

we met in the Laganside bus terminal in down town Belfast, northern Ireland. I had a bed and breakfast just outside Belfast and she doesn't live in Belfast, so it was relatively safe and neutral ground. She had arrived before me and was sitting on a bench quietly reading a book as I approached. I sat opposite her and quietly called her name she looked up and a smile immediately came to her face. I had sat opposite because I did not want her to feel pressured or intimidated. It was a great relief to me that the first thing she did was move to sit next t me. We talked quietly as almost strangers do, we of course weren't strangers but this was our first face to face meeting and no amount of messenger time exactly prepares you for that. It was amazing I never felt more comfortable with anyone in my life and had a shit eating grin that would normally have looked way out of place on my face.

we talked quietly and earnestly, moving to the bus terminal cafe for a quick coffee. The first time I stood next to her I thought she would run a mile, regardless about what had been said when she stood next to me and was just slightly over my elbow and I towered above her like some Neanderthal giant I honestly thought she would make her excuses and disappear. Needless to say she didn't, lucky for me LOL. Anyways after awhile we went for a walk in Belfast and went to the castle court mall. She helped me buy a cell phone we had another coffee in a small out of the place spot and I shyly held her hand for the very first time. It was electric. We talked, we laughed, we talked, we laughed, well you get the idea. It was getting later in the afternoon and we went back to my bed and breakfast, into my room and in the privacy of that room we carried on like a couple of teenagers LOL. For all of you presently covering your eyes most of our clothes stayed on and nothing to bad came to pass. LOL thought you were going to see something you shouldn't have didn't you. We kissed, we petted and we moaned and groaned LOL but we didn't get naked and get nasty. Her idea not mine of course LOL. And for those that have me pegged as a sucker, we did get naked just not this first meeting. I suppose it was her natural way to ensure she wasn't just a roll in the hay, something she has never been and never will be to me.

anyways that's the abridged version, some of it isn't anybodies business, some of it I guard jealously as it will always only be mine and some of it is what makes me smile.

she is an amazing woman and has the one thing I desire most in a woman a really big set of .......... Brains, though she got tied up with me so how smart could she be LOL

feel free to comment or not, your call.


Blogger Christine said...

wow,,more story please. I briefly went to Northern Ireland this past March only to say that I was in the country of van morrison, Mostly i stayed in and around Dublin, Ireland is beautiful

6:51 p.m.  

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