Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hi everybody

I read your post TEX and I couldn't agree more I despise meetings but there are some real differences lol

I live in a small town surrounded by smaller towns if I have to drive for an hour and fourty minutes its because my meeting is 100 miles away lol

and I almost never wait. Partly because I have a rather fearsome and undeserved reputation as someone not to be messed with. Add to that very few small towns have much in the way of red tape and its all easy. The only time their is a problem is when the civic leadership of the small towns develop a chip on their shoulders about us "big city boys". Most of my meetings involve a long drive a short meeting lunch in the local greasy spoon and then the long drive home, if my office ever figures out how much I enjoy them they wont let me go to anymore meetings.

maybe I should explain a little geography. I live in the wide flat prairies of Canada, in a massive city of 43,000 people, yes I said 43,000 people. Wait wait wait I know 43,000 is not a big city but consider this I live in the largest city for a 120 miles in any direction and I mean there isn't even a close second. The next largest city is 11,000 people about 70 miles away and after that there's 2 or 3 with more than 5,000 people. So if you have a city of 300 people you are hardly going to have a large engineering or actually any engineering division. So we are very much allowed to do as we wish lol. Jealous aint ya TEX

and just for the record I love small towns. I love the funky restaurants with the questionable standards. That haven't seen a redecorate in 20 years,or more. The small town hardware store is like a treasure hunt through new/antiques and odd contraptions never seen before. You people that avoid small towns in favour of those boxed alike fast food store are madd, madd I tell you

anyways this is kind of disjointed and badly paced post but that's what I am so there ya go

toodles Sean


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