Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Let me return to the halcyon days of an earlier post

well not that much earlier as it was my last post.

I have been to the south! I have spent several months there and other then being an improvement over -30 in January, I hated it. There weather, if you can call it weather, is like tapioca pudding. White bland and nondescript.

its like standing in an all white room waiting for the colour, it just doesn't happen. I am not saying there weather doesn't change, it does. It slowly gets warmer and then it slowly gets colder, well cooler. Its just like tapioca pudding from the cafeteria of a hospital, some days its served warmer some days its served cooler but the consistently and blandness never changes. Except every now and then you get a greebley that grosses you out because of the anomaly of difference.

imagine if all you got at every meal was tapioca pudding, the concept of that is enough for me to seek my bed and the cold comfort of a bottle of fine rye whiskey.

to face the tapioca pudding every day in every way would drive me around the bend.

give me a a blizzard anyday

a wild out of control thunderstorm

a day that starts out at 0 f and ends at 60 f

and for those nay sayers out there I have stood on the deck of my parents Arizona vacation home early on a January morning. I stood there in my shorts and a t-shirt watching the old farts walk by in ski jackets,toques and mitts, they probably thought I was as mad as I thought they were. But after 3 weeks I longed for winter, I longed for weather and I missed the real life.

you think you have the best weather, well you are more than welcome to the tapioca. Give me the complicated flavours of caramel and chocolate any day.

razors back


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