Sunday, March 19, 2006

Why oh why would you live in the north

to live in the north is to know 4 seasons not 1, why would you want four seasons?

to know spring you must know winter, and to know spring is to love life. There is a palpable energy to the world when spring comes, it grows around you it lifts you up it makes life, life. There is nothing in the world I like than spring. You get to see the tulips break out of the soil, the grass grow, the trees bud and the emergence of all the animals that spent the winter sleeping. There's the baby deer and the little red squirrels that make you smile when you spot the first one of the year. You get to watch the snow slowly disappear almost as if by magic and the world burst forth with energy. When you are a kid there's puddles to play in, popsicle sticks to race down the street gutters and discoveries of all the things that have been hiding out under the snow. You get the sheer joy of standing out in the sun when the days start to warm up and the sun has a real strength to it, there's nothing like turning your face into the sun and feeling the heat sink into you. And spring leads to summer!

Summer is the silly season, its great you get out and do all the things that make summer special. Like golf, yes I know you can golf all year in Florida so what makes it special, nothing. You get to go out and fish and swim play baseball and if you are lucky enough to be a kid you get 2 months to completely goof off. Summer is a holiday even if you are working because we can escape to the lakes and golf courses. Every day is special in the summer

the autumn is my second favourite season. Its when you see things come to fruition. Crops are harvested construction projects begin to get wrapped up, things just seem nicer in the fall. I love the cool crisp mornings that give way to warm sunny afternoons, when I still operated my bulldozer, these were the days I lived for. life just seems to ripen in the fall, friendships become cemented in the fall in my opinion. there's just something about the sunshine and the cool air in the fall I don't think I could live with out.

winter, well winter is something I don't like so much anymore. I do not mind the cold and the sunshine glinting off the snow will rip your eyes out. Its the snow I do not like, its not the snow its that it leads to people calling me up and cursing me because their snow isn't my priority and I will invariably be working for days on end keeping everything moving. Having said that, I like winter. Walking out into a cold sunny day is almost a priviledge you have no idea what sunny really is until you see it glistening off a freshly fallen snow, its so bright it can hurt your eyes. And when you walk into a building it can take several minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dimness of electric light. Even I can fall victim to the peace and serenity of standing out in a softly falling snow, the big flakes slowly dropping from the sky can be so beautiful and peaceful especially when you are in the country with out a sound to be heard. Sometimes it feels like you are alone in the world, though I know for many people that's the scarriest thing of all. Winter is the one time of the year it feels good to be alone because its winter. In many ways winter can be a fabulous time of the year. And of course you cant have spring with out winter

why do I live in the north, my question is why would you live anywhere else.

but please don't stop moving south the more the merrier for you. Leave me alone with a place I can roam.


Blogger maybetomorrow said...

Exactly - well said...
You really don't know how to appreciate it all until you've lived it I guess

8:58 p.m.  
Blogger maybetomorrow said...

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8:58 p.m.  
Blogger Christine said...

This is the first time I went up north in years that I haven't felt some homesickness and yearning to move back up. I don't even know how I lived with that cold five months out of the year. I know one aclimates but geez, it goes right through a person. Hey, in three months, I'll be hoping for any kind of cool breeze though

10:10 p.m.  

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