Saturday, August 12, 2006

Okay I am loathe to admit it but the Irish chick has given me the push

she has decided I was surplus to her needs and doesn't want me in her life

now the reason for the post? A poll !

should I still go to Ireland?

on the one hand she has said she doesn't want to see me anymore and I don't have any known family there. I would be lying to everyone, including myself, if I said I wasn't hoping she will change her mind.

on the other hand I like the place there's lots of thing I have not seen, I like the weather( I am Canadian if it isn't freezing its still warm), I have made some passing acquaintances there and I need a vacation. There is no need for me to see her if I choose not to, I know her life well enough to never cross her path except by choice.

so the question to the readers, should I go or should I stay, if I stay there could be trouble, if I go it could be double.

opinions are like assholes everyone has one! So what's yours?


Anonymous Karen said...

Well you say you need a vacation.. How much of a vacation will it be if you are in the same country as the irish chick, with all your memories and knowing she is so close yet you can't see her?

Sounds like torture to me..

Think of somewhere you havent been, somewhere with lots for you to do, and go and have the time of your life.

Then again, if it was me I'd be still thinking of them even if I wasn't anywhere near them. I guess it depends how you look at it.

If I was you, and I was trying to put her out of my life, I wouldn't go to Ireland. It would ultimately be too hard to enjoy myself. I'd go somewhere tropical. But its winter here so thats just me.. Whatever you decide, have fun..

4:25 a.m.  
Blogger Angel2Bitch said...

I agree with Karen.
She has made her wishes clear.
Continuing on with your trip could be misconstrued as stalker'ish.
It sounds like you're hoping by being in the same country she'll change her mind.
If she truly loves you, she wouldn't keep pushing you out of her life and you wouldn't need to keep making excuses as to why she's doing it.
It's hard letting go of someone you love.
It's even harder trying to hold on to them when all they want is to be let go.
Myself, I wouldn't want to go through the pain of being so close and knowing the person I love doesn't want anything to do with me.

9:03 p.m.  
Blogger Christine said...

What they said........

Oh, and I am so very sorry. I know how much you wanted this to happen.

7:03 p.m.  
Blogger Meggy said...

There are a whackload of warmer places in October where you can go on vacation besides Ireland, no matter how beautiful it is; and you're going to spend every minute there imagining what it would be like with her standing there beside you. What fun is a holiday with a ghost by your side? Consider somewhere totally different, that you and she never discussed.

You seem like a really bright guy who's in touch with himself. You know what you want/need out of life; you're responsible, hardworking and level-headed. You love your family, and get along with kids. Do you know how many women want this type of person? HOLY SHIT, dude, she yanked you around like Paris Hilton's chihuahua long enough. At least now you can finish it cleanlly and get on with the business of living, and maybe you'll come across someone who thinks you're worth more than just a chain to jerk on a whim.

Ok, I'm bitchy as hell and have had my chain jerked hard as hell this week. I hope you take this in the spirit in which it's meant.


7:28 a.m.  
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