Sunday, July 23, 2006

The secret to a happy life or really my secret to being happy

that's right people I am happy most of the time, except do not ask my employees as they think I am eternally miserable. I think I just have one of those faces that makes me look unhappy most of the time and because of the work I do I have learned to keep my face blank most of the time. No not because I work in an office but because I spent my formative adult years running bulldozers and you learn not to smile or you swallow a lot of dust. And I mean a lot of dust.

anyway back to my main point, I am a generally happy if not pleasant person. My secret I have forgotten most of my life, the good , the bad and the ugly. I just let it go and I live my life looking forward not backwards.

the problem is that the Irish chick wonders why I never talk about myself or my childhood, sometimes I thinks she wonders if I am trying to hide something. My childhood was for the most part really good, we weren't rich but we never went hungry and we always had fun. But it wasn't all sunshine and roses, I was the 3rd and last child and spent most of my time feeling like the 3rd wheel not unwanted but not the priority. I think that's where my life long power struggle with my brother comes from, he was always the number 1 son and I mean that in every sense of the word, and I have made it my goal to dominate him and become the alpha male in the family.

but anyway the secret to my happiness is to remember the lessons I learned but forgetting the way I learned them.

LOL imagine that the secret to being happy being so easy

of course I'm probably full of shit but it works for me


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