Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hello again

I am having a quiet mellow time here in Arizona, just the way I like it!

Not much to report the locals tell me its cold but I still wear my shorts everyday, the golfing is fine and the snow is excelent! (by its complete absence lol)

Chris I am sorry I didnt offer to bring you but since never fly any where I can drive to and Florida is kind of in the opposite direction of where I was going and gas is a wee bit expensive I thought it best to keep the detours to a minimum. Okay go ahead and call me a cheap bastard I can take it. by the way if you start a new blog give me the address and I will show up and make bizzare and innapropriate comments as usual.

Now can anyone tell me when they are building a bridge to Europe so I can take by big red truck for a spin through Ireland lol


Blogger Christine said...

You should have sent me a plane ticket....cheap bastard.

Glad you're having fun. I am so freakin' stressed out lately that I am jealous of your relaxation right now.

Also, I am doing this bullshit "raw diet" which essentially means fruit and veggies and I think my body is in shut down for lack of processed sugar and MSG.


Nice to get that out.

1:45 p.m.  

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