Monday, March 27, 2006

Hello everybody

or atleast the few bodies that bother with me, which is just as well since as public a person as I am there is nothing I value more than my privacy

this is going to be a whiny bitchy post so those that don't want to come down the trail with me are better off surfing on. See ya have a good time

I am feeling my age today which those of you that know it will say "but you are only 37", well.....This is true, but I was never built to grow old. I have always known this so save your breath about trying to convince me otherwise. I was born to die young, that's why I have lead the life I live. I have saved nothing, denied myself nothing, compromised nothing. When I die I hope they can say just one thing about me, I lived my life my way.

the only regret that I will have is that I lied to the Irish chick, I told her I would be with her in her old age knowing full well that it would never happen. It was just a nice sweet dream that we shared.

even spring can't get to me this year. I can't feel the sun, the energy, the rebirth. Its just either warm or its not, its cloudy or its not, its raining or its not. The sun rises or it doesn't, okay that's a little melodramatic but you get the picture.

so heres to my golden years, just wish I could afford to retire. BUT I STILL WOULD'NT GO TO FLORIDA lmao.


Blogger Christine said...

HHeeeeyyyyyyy! Don't think I didn't notice that little Florida jab.

2:57 a.m.  

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