Monday, August 21, 2006

Hey everybody

okay here's a holdover from a reply I made at chris's blog Incas any of you followed it over

and please understand this is entirely my take on the situation and might not apply to you and yours

me, myself and I know that when the Irish chick and me are getting along I want nothing more than to talk to her. When we are laughing, flirting and having a good time I crave her attention like a junkie. I can never get enough

but on the other hand when we are getting along, flirting and having a great time. She doesn't see the need to talk to me, its like she takes me for granted or thinks there is no need to be with me when we are getting along. She will go days with out really talking to me.

when we are not getting along and I am not happy, she cant wait to talk to me and find out what's wrong. When its best to leave me alone, to let me stew and work things out with myself she focuses her total attention on getting me to talk. Maybe its just me but I do better working out my mad on my own. I am not a screamer and definitely not violent but if you want to hear a few home truths then just tackle me when I'm not in the mood. She on the other hand is only too happy to talk when she is angry or upset.

what does this all mean

well frankly if I want her attention and we are getting along so she's not around? I have been known to start a fight just to talk to her. Stupid huh? But highly effective, do any other men do this or any women recognize this dynamic in their own relationship?

men are attention whores we desire nay require attention from our partners and we will get it any way we can including starting a fight just to get our partners to spend time with us

to men attention is like publicity and all attention is good attention just like all publicity is good publicity

men are like grizzly bears, and I don't mean hairy, when we are well cared for we can be delightful companions and pleasant to be around but when we are left alone and unattended we just might throw a rod and blow up

women are only happy when they are in crisis mode


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