Friday, September 15, 2006

hi everybody

i know i have been a bit obstreptorous lately and i am sorry

thank you karen for the message

thank you chris for the E-card

i am really very even tempered and any posting on my site that makes it sound different is just a mis-interpretation, i would never deny that i have a temper that i get angry, sad, mad or glad, but for the most part i am as calm as a light breeze.

the job from hell? well it ever seems to end but i have accepted it and moved on

the irish chick? well she is just herself blowing hot or cold depending on the day. I wish once and for all she would decide what she wants and if i am that thing she wants.

i am a man full of contradictions and wee bits of devilment

well mabe not quite average as i am 6'6" and 400 ponds.

i wait for her answer though i must admit with less and less enthusiasm with each passing month

any body want an inteligent, tall and fat man for an aquaintence

razors back


Anonymous Christine said...

Don't you feel so stupid just waiting and waiting for something that you feel in your heart is never going to happen?
Well, I know I do.

8:31 p.m.  

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