Thursday, September 21, 2006

Okay Okay Okay
I guess I am a confusing guy, you would think I would know that after confusing myself for 38 years but here goes a better explanation

-on Tuesday night she asked for some space for the night
-she did not contact me Wednesday so I assumed she didn't want to talk to me
-it urns out she did contact me Wednesday but my stupid phone didn't pass through the messages so I didn't know
- when I text messaged her this morning all of a sudden a bunch of texts from Wednesday miraculously show up on my black berry
- I think micro soft must have bought black berry because now it crashes for no good reason just like a PC
-now she's pissed because she thought I was ignoring her and I thought she was ignoring me and around around we go

as for the anonymous poster from a previous post, you must understand that this is my personal blog it is written from my perspective. I am sure there are things about me that drive her completely batty one of which I know is that my moods can change fast but generally from mad to calm.

as well there is the fact that like most men I will defend my girlfriend against anyone or anything. I can bitch about her all day but just because of that I will not accept anyone else saying anything bad about her even if it is just repeating what I said. We men are funny like that

I hope this answers your questions
razors back


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