Monday, November 20, 2006

Hello Everybody

okay so its time I updated this thing I just checked and the milk I left in the back now looks like cottage cheese, so you know that can't be good

lets hit the high lights, the Irish chick? Well nothing has really changed. There are some good days and some bad ones and I have just come to accept it. I would like to say I still have my heart invested fully in this relationship but I have to admit I don't. There have been too many pull backs, too many break ups and too much fighting. I know many of you can relate to this, too many times when things are going well and we are getting along she has to introduce some kind of drama and put some distance back into the relationship, which would be fine except then she complains about the distance. You women is just to damn confusing to us simple men folk. I know what I want and I focus on being where I want to be, not on what was or might have been. The past is history leave it there as you cant do anything about it anyway.

work is still going completely nuts though I have managed to cut back to 70 hours a week. This is the second busiest year in company history and it just keeps going, it may well turn out to be the busiest ever. So while the money is nice and we needed it after a few lean years its very tiring and I feel like I could sleep for a month.

Vacation, oh god yes please, now and often. Okay I know everybody is overworked and underpaid but well I AM LOL so here is you chance to stick your nose into my life and possible have a say

for vacation should I :

A) drive down to Arizona and spend a month golfing and living like a parasite off my parent for a month (no I'm not cheap they actually enjoy my company and my mom is the best cook in the world, isn't everybody's?)

B) fly over to Ireland for a month and maybe see the Irish chick, there are no guarantees she will agree to see me and I don't go anywhere I am not invited. Which means I would become a tourist LOL and no I would not go her house with out being asked I'm not a stalker

C) stay at home for a month and do absolutely nothing. If the Irish chick doesn't want to see me this would actually be my preferred vacation but for some reason they always find a reason to call me into work and spoil my time off so its not really an option

so there you go 1 update duly noted and entered and I even included a poll where you get to have a say in my life whether I want you to or not !!!!

seriously enter your vote in the comments section and like any politician I will duly ignore the Constituents opinion in place of my own LOL!

see ya
razors back


Blogger Christine said...

I am thinking that you should point blank ask IC if she wants you to come to Ireland on your vacation. I don't really get why she wouldn't want you to but I don't really get my own fucked up relationship either.

10:09 a.m.  

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