Saturday, January 06, 2007

Okay the Irish chick has read my blog and objects to the last entry in certain points so I am here to make some corrections

I do believe the Irish chick loves me its just that she doesn't love me enough to take a chance on building a real life with me. I believe she just wants the long distance one we have now. All cerebral and no physical

second when I was talking about wanting me only for sex I meant that in the context of being together. She is not in any way a one night stand.

she is in fact loathe to admit she even has a sexual drive and the fact that I could bring it out in her so easily also kind of scared her. We went places she didn't know she had and I mean that in the emotional way not in the kinky sex department.

razors back


Blogger Christine said...

URG!I can't really have much sympathy because I am so far over this "chick" that I could slap her long distance. I can't say anything specifically bad about her because being the typical guy in love, you will "explain" and "justify" and I really don't want to put you in that position. However, you've put enough time and energy into this thing that her backing out on you AGAIN is self centered and obnoxious. Walk away, Sean before you spend your life pining away for something that isn't even real to her.

11:01 a.m.  

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