Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Okay okay I have been being a little self centred today, but someone brought me to my real centre today. The Irish chick. She doesn't understand it, neither do I really, but talking to her has a very zen effect on me. Well we weren't really talking we were fighting, but even that has a colming influence on me. I am calm maybe even happy for the first time in a few days and its all down to a two hour text fight with her.

it drives her completely mad(Irish for crazy) when it happens. Instead of getting ever more wound up and angry I zen out and smile. Its her, just her presence even in an electronic sense of the word, it makes me happy. It evens me out.

she makes me crazy, yet she makes me sane. She makes me smile. She makes my life better.

sappy weirdo aren't I

ah well good thing I don't rely on the opinions of others


Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

So, I shouldn't offer an opinion? Okay. I'm good with that.

6:47 p.m.  
Blogger razorbeck said...

You are always welcome to leave an opinion good or bad I accept all comments. Just don't expect me to change my life as per your reccomendations lol But please feel free to say whatever you want.

I promise Iwont even delete comments unless they are spam or particularily nasty and insulting

Lord knows I am not shy about commenting on other peoples blogs

4:11 a.m.  

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