Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hey everybody - hi doctor nick, okay for all the times I have used this does anybody recognize it?

so lets see I better toss out a post before they take away my bloggers license for inactivity.

when I was 14 and my brother was 15 my parents bought my brother a car to drive when he turned 16, I might add that my brother was the only one my rents ever bought a car for. Anyways it was a bit of a beater but me, my brother and my dad worked on it in our garage, doing body work and getting it ready for when my brother was old enough to attain his license. We got it looking pretty good and even had it painted. Well eventually my brother got his driving license but was supposed to be restricted in the use of the car because he was a new driver.

well mom asked us to take something to our grandfather in the hospital so we jumped in the car and took off for our little errand. We of course dutifully accomplished the task set out for us and my brother asked if I wanted to go for a drive. I as a 15 year old objected strenuously. I think it went something like....FUCK YEAH.

so we went tooling around town and made our way out side of town and turned onto a gravel road and promptly rolled the car! Yes dear friends my brother wrote off and rolled his first car.....27 hours after receiving his license.

LOL we only rolled 3/4 of the way around its not like it was a major life threatening wreck. But we came to a rest with the drivers side door down in the grass, I scrambled out the top my brother crawled out the bottom and we met on the road for a conference. Sounds awful calm and adult doesn't it. Too bad what really happened was we both stood there trying to figure out what to do and trying not to panic. We pushed the car onto its wheels because it was sitting gas tank down and we had just filled it up. Then we walked a half mile to a gas station and called our sister at work. We couldn't call mom because she would collapse in panic and we had never ever called our dad at work. We did that one thing right because my sister was calm and went over and picked up my mom who promptly collapsed in panic when she heard. Mom must have called dad but more on that later.

anyways this was the time before cell phones, yes quit asking I am that old, so me and him are standing at the gas station waiting for mom and he's talking about running away from home and panicking his ass off. I of course was calmer but mostly because I wasn't driving so my ass wasn't on the line. Anyways mom and sis arrived along with the police and the tow truck and my brother was a little calmer.

and then the big arrival, here comes my dad driving down the road, he slowed down and looked at us and the car and then he just kept going. He never even stopped he just slowed down as he went by, my brother felt about three inches tall and me not a whole lot taller.

But best of all guess how they punished my brother.......A few months later they bought him a brand new truck. That's right he's not just the only one of the three of us to get a car from my parents but they bought him 2.

my first car was a 13 year old hand me down from my sister who gave it to me because she couldn't afford to keep fixing it. She bought it from my grand father because it was 10 years old and he was buying a new one.

but if you ask my brother he wasn't treated as special it was I who never got anything new from my parents who was the special one. LOL

as you can tell if you read my blog my relationship with my brother has been a dominate theme in my life. But I still don't always know what to think about it. Must be why I go my own way on everything and take pride in being my own man

razors back


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Simpson's

9:31 p.m.  
Blogger Fuckkit said...

Some people just get given everything.

*looks slightly bitter*

The thing is, the people who fuck up the most get given the most stuff thus causing them to fuck up even more thus never amounting to anything.

Yeah, I like that better.

*looks smug*

2:53 p.m.  

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