Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Well tomorrow, someone I have kept hidden for a couple years now will come out of hiding. Sean the asshole. The single most scarey person many of my employees have ever met. Most of them have never met Sean the asshole, they have met Sean the nice guy or Sean the slightly mean guy. But some, the long term employees, know Sean the asshole and they fear him. They should fear him, he is so far beyond the pail of what they understand that they will never understand him.

But worst of all? I am Sean the asshole and I like Sean the asshole.

tomorrow I have to go and take on the single biggest contractor in Canada. They are the biggest by atleast double than any other construction company.

Tomorrow I get to go look them in the eye and make them blink, really too bad they will never know what hit them.

LOL good thing size doesn't impress me LOL

technically I hate confrontation so I am not looking forward to this, but, no one scares me. LOL look out the assholes back



Blogger Christine said...

YIKES! How did it go? I've been hiding under my bed since I read this. lol

6:11 a.m.  

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