Monday, April 03, 2006

The Most Beautiful Girl I Ever Met Came From Antrim Northern Ireland

You might as well get comfortable or get out, this likely going to be a long post.

First and foremost if the Irish Chick is reading, good I am glad they haven't shut off our connection yet, but I don't think you will like this one. Its probably too personal.

the second time I held the Irish chick in my arms was a bit of a weird day. It actually snowed in Ireland, only 3 inches but you would swear it was a major blizzard with 2 feet of snow. In their defense they don't really know snow, kind of like if it snowed 3 inches in Florida. Anyways it was the day of our second date but that 3 inches of snow just about had the place shut down and I wondered if she would make it. We exchanged text messages and phone calls she was standing at a bus stop waiting for a seemingly non existent bus, while I waited a few miles down the road in a taxi. I offered and offered to pick her up and finally due entirely to the cold she relented and me and the taxi driver picked her up and whisked us off to the Hilton Hotel.

Fate seemed to have it in for us that day, we sat in the lobby drinking coffee for two hours because they didn't have our room ready, even though it had been made well in advance. Do not take this the wrong way one of the reasons we met in hotels was for the need for privacy and secrecy. We sat in the lobby or bar drinking coffee and talking quietly it was a very nice time. Finally and it almost seemed like they had it in for us our room was ready, so we ambled up to it my luggage in tow. In the room the first thing I did was take her into my arms and give her a create big smack on the lips and a huge hug. We looked around the room threw my luggage into a corner and sat on the sofa watching bad English TV.

I made her some bad instant coffee, she still says I make the worst coffee ever LOL, we sat and shared the sofa her tucked up under my arm. For all our difference in size, she fits perfectly under my arm when we share a sofa.

we talked, we laughed, we shared and we slowly cemented our love. We began to kiss and carry on, I wont bother with you the details, but we ended up making mad passionate love and it was the most perfect day I had ever had. And she umm ...... Seemed to enjoy herself.

All to soon it came time for her to return to her kids. We dressed and I walked her down to the lobby I asked her if I could come with her, she refused I knew she would but I still would have returned with her. I would gladly withstand anything that came at us just for the pleasure of having her at my side.

we said our good byes and I put her in the taxi, closed the door and watched the taxi drive out the long driveway. I watched till she was no longer visible and still lingered a moment. Then I went in to the bar determined to drink my self into a self pitying stupor. I didn't , I realized soon enough that alcohol wasn't any kind of a replacement for her.

I went back to my room, as soon as I entered the room I could smell the aroma of her perfume, so I sat in the room reliving our time together helped along by the lingering scent of her perfume. I can still to this day smell D&G Light Blue whenever I think of her.

the next day, like the scent of her perfume, the snow had disappeared. I left the hotel back to a bed and breakfast and just read a book. I have never felt so hollow, so empty as the first day I spent with out her. I tried to fill my life with beer and strangers in a pub but they never made me feel any better about not having her with me.

I always respected her wishes but I will always wonder if I did the right thing or just what she thought was the right thing.

I love you Irish chick


Blogger Christine said...

This is a very sweet post. You were lucky to have each other, if only for a short time.

10:43 a.m.  
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