Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hi fuckit two things

thank you are the first person who ever said I didn't fuck up enough, the general consensus is that I do nothing but fuck up so its nice to know someone disagrees.

two its not that you shouldn't come to Canada its that you shouldn't come to Canada in the winter LOL. If you come out to the prairies where I live July and august are 25 to 35 most days with low humidity and except for a few large cities no air pollution. You can just lay around in the long grass or go fishing or whatever strikes your fancy. And unlike our wee neighbours to the south we have virtually no crime other than the occasional house robbery. If you like to drive you can get on the transcanada highway and go for a 3,500 mile drive.

umm you might have noticed I really like Canada

razors back


Blogger Fuckkit said...

Canada is definately on my (quite long)list of places to visit. But how easy it it to get a visa to work over there? If I do a country I want to be able to do it properly, working along the way. I know that's not gonna happen in America, what are the chances of it happening in Canada? :)

3:15 a.m.  

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