Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Let me tell you about my day

Today someone decided they might want to beat me up LOL
For my American readers we don't use guns to settle arguments in Canada

I was driving a gravel truck today, yes I know I said I am the manager and I am but when I ran out of employees I had to put myself out to work.

Anyways I was out driving and as I approached a light on a hill rather than trying to start off on a hill from stop I was idling in gear towards the car infront of me in hopes the light would change before I had to stop. Well an idiot in a car, yes most idiots drive cars and anyone who's ever driven a semi truck will back me up on this, when I was just over a car length away from the car ahead of me an idiot(see note above) decided it was just big enough for his car! Subtlety has never been my specialty so I let go with the big air powered horn on the top of the truck. He didn't appear to enjoy my rather public disapproval of his limited intelligence and driving skills. He parked his car right there half in and half out of the lane and got out of his car swearing at me, I laughed at him which did little to calm his ire, he proceeded to come back to the truck opened the door and began climbing up to confront me. I am not aggressive in any way but I certainly wasn't going to just sit there while he attacked me. So he and I met on the top step of my truck, for those that don't know there's only room for one really, especially as I take up space! Anyways he was still swearing at me and I added my own few choice words as I am well spoken and not at all shy. LOL he must have had a change of heart as he climbed back down and decided it was enough to stand 20 feet away and swear at me while I sat and watched him get in his car and drive away.

LOL I keep waiting to here from my office about the complaint from the citizen about the driver who tried to start a fight.

I wonder if the reason he decided to not attack me was when we were standing on even ground his head didn't raise above my chin, or the fact I was more than willing to meet him for whatever he wanted to start.

the beauty of Canada is that if he had hit me I was legally entitled to use what ever force I deemed necessary to keep him from doing it again.

hmmm apparently I have an ego, oh well I suppose I will survive

I almost wish he had hit me for just a second I wanted to punch a hole through his face but it passed


Blogger Christine said...

Wow. Glad it worked out alright. I kinda wish you had kicked his ass though. Something about a guy standing up for himself just does it for me sigh..lol

6:59 a.m.  
Blogger razorbeck said...

ahh but im not for you, you like the pretty boys and musicians lol

6:12 p.m.  

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