Thursday, April 20, 2006

Working Visa's for Canada

Well I believe Canada belongs to an international treaty where by as long as you are under the age of 27 you can easily obtain a working visa for 6 months. Too bad I personally found all this out at 35 LOL. There are many countries where you can work for 6 months but then you must move on. In theory this would allow you to work your way around the world

The other way is if you had a special skill that was in demand like doctor or engineer. Although right now our economy is going so mad that convenience store clerks are even in short supply. In the City I live in every business has a help wanted sign out.

oh by the way you will discover that in Canada and Australia cities are a lot smaller, in my province it only takes 15,000 people to make a town a city where as that would qualify them as a village at best in the UK.

I don't know you at all fuckit but if you like large urban areas when you come to Canada go to Vancouver or Toronto but if you like the wide open spaces come out to the prairies it will blow your mind how much space we have. Wide open highways that are straight and flat and you can literally drive for 60 miles and not even need to slow down except for the gray haired drivers LOL
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