Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why oh why am I haunted and hunted

why can't I get you out of my mind? You hurt me and I stay, you don't do it intentional but just by omission and I let you. you never understand because I don't shout and act the ass, its like you are trying to make me be that person. I am not that person I will never be that person. I wish I could fade you out of my life, I wish I could even pretend you weren't the centre of my life.

but everyday the first thing I do is look for you.

you want me to become the asshole, how many times have I seen you set the bait and wait for me to fall into the trap. To begin with I didn't understand I couldn't see the trap but I never fell into it because its not me. In the middle after I could see where the trap had been set and how I had avoided it. Now I watch you set the trap before even you know you are setting it. When will you understand and accept that I am not like them. What will make you understand I am exactly who I seem to be.

you say you want me in your life but your actions say otherwise.

I am just a man, like most men I am a simple creature, I don't want much. A little respect, a little understanding and a little attention. Unfortunately those are the three things you seem incapable of giving me. Why do men always want what they can not have.

some day I will figure this all out but likely be about 5 minutes after I die........... Like most people


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