Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Irish chick again

okay I realize you ladies are inordinately interested in the Irish chick, even those not fond of me calling her a chick LOL.

first a preface, I do not call her the Irish chick to be flippant or demeaning its just what I call her instead of using her real name to protect her identity. Even if I used her initials or just her first name their would be a possibility of someone figuring her out, rare though it may be.

I love the Irish chick, I guess I always will. She has been the best part of my life, which is real damn sad considering how old I am and how far away she is.

so lets answer the direct questions

yes the Irish chick is still married

no he doesn't live with her anymore

yes we talk about being together and she has asked me to come and be with her but I have been reluctant for two reasons. 1st I have made some commitments to work and I value my reputation and I won't run out on them, to me its part of being a man, if you give your word you must do your best to follow through and keep it. We are extremely busy at work and if I left now it would put them in a very difficult position because only I know what's really going on. 2nd I have been to see her twice on the understanding it wouldn't be just a visit and twice she sent me home so I am looking for an indication she wants more than a dirty weekend(don't you love those English phrases), our relationship lately has been volatile to say the least and I guess I want to know there's a reason to invest my heart again. I am by nature a quiet , shy man. I don't open my life to anyone even my family doesn't know all that much about me, and I work with them everyday, but she has been allowed further in than anyone ever so she has the potential to hurt me more than anyone. I don't know if that's an explanation but read it again maybe you will understand better.

and to d I noticed your blog has been offline today if you have taken it down because of my comments I am sorry.


Blogger D said...

Oh I'm still here, don't you worry. There's a million other things going on over here, in the land of D - don't you worry.

I think you're right for demanding more. You deserve some level of commitment from this chick before going through that kind of expense and emotional turmoil. Sounds like you're the giver in this relationship and she's the taker - be careful.

12:45 p.m.  
Blogger Christine said...

hmmm,,,Personally, Im all for jumping in for the sake of love...than again, notice what that has gotten me.

6:51 p.m.  
Blogger razorbeck said...

lol well christine once i make up my mind i am in with both feet and burn the bridges so i can't go back.

lol she occasionaly reads my blog so she might read this too soon but i have been trying to find the right time to set a date for my next forray into love. its tricky i have to take her feelings into consideration and then theres the kids. i was thinking late september early october that way they have a chance to settle into school before we turn their world on its ear. she might consider this too long its hard to say.

ummm let me be honest here i am not telling yolu guys first, i am hoping she reads this and thinks about it so we can come to a concensus

subtle arent i lol

7:31 p.m.  

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