Sunday, June 18, 2006

razors back: "its been a hard day's journey into night"

Hey all

I know I have been a little slow updating, I have been working a lot lately. Just 14 or 15 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week. Last week I worked all 7 days atleast partially and had a mere 82 hours of work. and its not going to change a lot as I seem to be the only one who is able to accomplish anything or atleast finishing anything and I might have just got another 800,000 rail road job that has to be done in 7 weeks. An anways its not an excuse just an explanation all I have done is sleep and work and today got in a round of golf with the family.

lets clear up some misconceptions, my previous post wasn't about starting an internet flame war with the Irish chick as she is the only one too which I would intentional lose. I was just asking her to post her take on our relationship as I would find it interesting and enlightening to find out where we differ in opinion. For those that don't know me, which means all of you except the Irish chick, I am an information whore. I love data and information of all kinds, I live and thrive on learning new things and applying them in unknown and unconventional ways. Its actually my biggest weakness, I would rather learn than apply. Anyways I would love to see what she is thinking.

and no I haven't run away to Ireland to play hero Christine. She doesn't need a hero and she wouldn't appreciate me pretending to be one. But I am running away to Ireland in October, but not as saving hero but as lover and confidant, or atleast that's what I am hoping for. I am trying to be smarter and more prepared this time, but truth I cant wait to have her nestled in my arms again. To have her give me that look that asks if I am crazy or just nuts LOL.

anyways I hope this clarifies some questions and perhaps raises some more which you should feel free to ask ...... But no guarantee about answers.

have a nice day


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