Thursday, January 26, 2006

In praise of consideration.

The Irish chick owns my heart, sometimes I wish she didn't, but I am powerless it seems. Normal this would not be a bad thing you say, But its what she does with it that is the concern.

despite my best efforts to keep her out of my heart, through really no effort on her behalf she destroyed my defenses. Tuesday I opened the door and I let her back in to my heart, so she slammed it in my face again. Let me explain. We have an unscheduled but implicit meeting every night, it isn't really scheduled but it is something we do almost everynight. I come every night and when I can't come I make sure she knows that I won't be here. Is it really too much to expect the same, its a 7 to 10 word email, its not too much to ask is it. But apparently the answer is yes. I sat waiting for her Wednesday night, nothing, and all day, nothing. So tonight finally she decides to grace me with her presence, but not her full presence, just a few sentences between whatever else she was doing. Apparently I am supposed to be happy with this. Happy to be a second or third class citizen, last on her list of considerations. Is a 10 word email really too much to expect. And apparently its me that's unreasonable.

tomorrow I will get in my new red truck and start driving when or if I come back I will see you then

razors back


Blogger Angel2BtchN4secs said...

Based on what you've written thus far, I have to say, it seems like she's playing you. When she's bored, lonely, upset or in need of an ego boost, she seeks you out. What woman doesn't want a man waiting in the wings to lavish her with love then shove him back in the closet when something more exciting comes along? Yeah, it's dirty and thoughtless and you definitely deserve someone who isn't yanking your chain.
I know you love her but you said yourself that she ended things so why do you keep putting yourself through her inconsiderate shit?
IMO, she's not worth it. Let her sit and wait for awhile and see how she likes it. I know that sounds mean but how will she ever learn to not take you for granted?

11:43 p.m.  

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