Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hello everybody

Hi Dr. Nick

Okay now that the silliness has been gotten out of the way maybe I can drag this blog out of the cold and get it running again

This ones not about the Irish chick, well not directly anyways.

This is about Sean the dominant asshole, I locked him in a closet about 2 years ago. He can dominate an entire room through sheer foce of will, he always gets his way and he's never wrong. He's the reason I have attained the position of alpha male at work, he's the one who's opinion is sought and trusted, he is the definition of large and in charge. I like him a lot. Please do not think I am the height of pretension referring to myself in the third person, I refer to myself in the third person because I can turn off Sean the asshole off and on at will. It is a part of me but its not the only part of me.

I locked him in a closet in my mind, I did it for the Irish chick but she never knew. It was my way of backing out of the company showing weakness hoping that the next alpha male would see the weakness and try for the throne. Little knowing that was exactly what I wanted, I wanted to find my replacement before I left to be with the Irish chick. I hoped it was my brother, keep it in the family so to speak, but no one ever stepped forward to offer the slightest challenge.

now you are probably asking what this self absorbed interminable diatribe is about.

well the company has hit a crisis point, a leadership crisis and I have to unlock the asshole within. Normal this wouldn't be so bad except this happened the same week I found out that the Irish chick is going offline. The limited time we have left to talk will be spent with me not being readily available, sucks to be me. LOL the worst thing is that women are supposed to like confident men and she wont even be here to see it. Ah well if I am losing her anyways I might as well dig the son of a bitch up and put him to work.

I hope the boys at work are prepared for this because its going to get ugly

and if the Irish chick is reading this before I get a chance to talk to you, I am sorry but its better you atleast know then think I have slunk off somewhere to hide. Though you know I do not hide. I am more likely to attack a problem than I ever am to run away from it

love you

razors back


Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by.

2:02 p.m.  
Blogger Christine said...

Going off line? What does that mean? Is she doing it to cut you two off completely or is there another reason?
And BTW..kick some ass if you need to. That is all some people respond to.

1:49 p.m.  

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