Monday, February 06, 2006

The Legend of Finn McCool

Finn McCool was an Irish giant who lived on the shores of the emerald Isle. Finn being a Hale and hearty individual was in the habit of exchanging insults with the Scottish giant who's name eludes me at the moment. Any way almost everyday the two giants stood on their respective shores and shouted insults at one another across the sea. Finn always had a great time and being a giant of action one day he decided it would be great fun to fight the Scottish giant.

Being too big for the ships of the time Finn new he would have to build a bridge or cause way all the way to Scotland so that he could cross over and fight with him. Early one day Finn started and he laboured long through the day reaching Scotland just before nightfall, Finn decided to return home and get a good nights sleep so as to be rested for the fight.

The next morning Finn set out to meet and fight the Scottish giant, Finn crossed over without incident and set about finding his opponent. He could hear a great racket coming from a nearby Forrest and correctly figured that this would be the Scottish giant. He came to a clearing in the forest and there standing with his back to Finn was the Scottish giant. But this was no ordinary giant he was easily twice as big as Finn McCool and could chop down a dozen trees with each swing of his axe.

Finn wisely decided to not fight this giant and lest he be discovered he ran back to Ireland on the cause way he had built. Now as well could be imagined a giant running raises quite a racket and this brought the attention of the Scottish who immediately began to follow Finn.

Finn reached Ireland and upon finding his wife told her of what he had seen and his belief the Scottish giant was even now on his way to fight with Finn. His wife took inspiration and told him to crawl into the baby's crib and to not make a sound no matter what he heard. Finn did as was instructed and his wife went back outside to tend her large vegetable garden. Soon enough the Scottish giant came into Mrs. McCools garden and asked after poor Finn. Mrs. McCool told him that her husband was away but as long as he had come that far he might as well come in and see the bairn in his crib. Being a sociable fellow the giant agreed and the went into the house and Mrs McCool showed the Scottish giant Finn pretending to be asleep in the crib. The Scottish giant took one look at the wee baby and began to grow scared, if the baby was this big then how big must his father be. The Scottish giant retreated back to Scotland tearing up the cause way as he went, leaving no evidence of its existence except for the pile of bricks on the shore of Ireland.

That's the legend of the giants causeway


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