Thursday, October 18, 2007

Okay its been another shit storm of a day and i need to vent or whine or whateverrrr

I have approximately 60 employees and i have about 70 positions so to say the man power is a little thin on the ground is an understatement

Add to that one of the brain trusts decided to try and give up hitch hiking by nearly tearing his thumb off. Okay it was just an accident but that's not the way workmen compensation will see it, guess who the bad man will be in this scenario? Yeah you're right me again! Its a well proven fact that i regularly hold my employees down and force feed their limbs in to the rock crusher for kicks. And then, then they phone me up to tell me someones hurt and can I do something about it? Christ a cracker!!! well I did do something about it I got someone closer to go and render aid and comfort and move them to the hospital. But honestly if some one is screaming they need help is it really appropriate to say you will take a message and get back to them? Fuck its a good thing I am better at a distance than they are up close!!!!! I can't wait to see the bollocking i get on this, in the era of no personal responsibility.

Another guy accidentally drops a 10,000 pound chunk of concrete so I had to drive 20 miles away and babysit him through the drug testing process because someone has to be in custody of him and be able to swear he is him. I am just the worlds best paid babysitter

Work comes in whether i want it to or not!! Cant these people tell when I don't answer their phone calls its the worlds politest fuck off

Maybe I am just bitter because I had a nice quiet afternoon of bull dozing planned out, quiet serene and calming. For like 5 fucking minutes till the Phone rang !!!!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!

Okay rant over

How was your days dears?


Anonymous Christine said...

And you accuse ME of being cranky. hehehe. I feel your pain babe...really.

4:25 a.m.  
Blogger Christine said...

I find it very hard to believe that nothing worth mentioning as happened in over a week. Or did you more to Ireland to live happily ever after? If so, I would love an invitation to spend next summer there.

2:08 p.m.  

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