Thursday, January 26, 2006

Let me explain something about men.

we don't look for the grand display, if you want a man to know you love him give him the day to day considerations he gives you. Yes if a man loves you he shows you everyday and its not by giving you flowers and candies. To a man its more important to show you everyday he thinks of you. For some its car maintenance, for some its home maintenance and for others its something equally as mundane. If your car is always full of gas or has new tires when the old ones are worn, that's your man saying I love you. If there's new carpet or paint in your house regardless of who picked the colours that's a man saying I love you. that's how a man says I love you. that's how a man wants to be told I love you. Its dinner made for him even when he's working late. Fresh laundry when he needs it even though he knows how to do his own. Or a quiet night watching TV when his mind is occupied with things besides you, that's how a man knows you love him.

grand gestures mean nothing to a man, that's just for others to see. To a man its the quiet things just the two of you know that show him you love him. Men really are simple creatures unless you are dating a metrosexual then he will just want to share your mascara. LOL

of course that's just my opinion maybe I am full of shit, but that's up to other men to answer

razors back


Blogger friendsloveatalltimes said...

You are breakin' my little southern belle heart. Please let my thoughts help you with the Irish girl. If she can't see what a man you are, let her go. You are a man who knows what he is looking for, so you don't need an Irish chick to help you with that. I know that the difference with men and women is that women can walk away, and men just try to hold on...let it go. If she can't see and love who and what you are, find someone who will. You seem like a great guy with a lot to offer. I am having the problems with BF because he can't let go...he will probably be happier without me, but he can only see life without me right now. If he only knew what was really going on...I found someone who made me feel the way that I did 8 years ago. He has no idea about that. And, I feel bad. But, I want to let him go so he can find someone to love him as much as he loves her. I can never do that for him. And, I am not saying that the EX and I will make it. But, I hope for something more...something more real...or just something more. I love the Shakespeare quotes. As an English major, I revel in the agony of your situation (as only pure agony can bring about Shakespeare). I am keeping you in my thoughts as I enter a great weekend. I hope you can find the strength to make your weekend great as well.

11:51 p.m.  
Blogger friendsloveatalltimes said...

Ok..typo with the BF thing...but you know that I meant FB. Maybe that was one of those Freudian slips that means he could be my best friend, if he can get over his own feelings about me. Happy Weekend sweetie!

11:54 p.m.  
Blogger KansasSunflower said...

Wow, that was well said. I honestly never thought about that, as simply as you put it. Now that you've said it, I can see ways my fiance has been showing he cares where I didn't know he did, and how I can show him. That was a great post, very enlightening. Thanks...

3:46 p.m.  

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