Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hello everybody

I know bad me its been a long time since I updated, mea culpa

part of it is I haven't known what to write and part of it is I haven't had time or energy

well here goes I guess the Irish chick have reconnected in a way we haven't in a very long time and things have been great. Lots of pleasant conversation, lots of flirting lots of everything.

I hope it lasts because I live for days like these. Some days I swear if I didn't have her I would fake my own death and go wander the world an unknown soul. No past no present no future and no one to answer to but myself.

I know most bloggers are women and just cant understand that thought, but the men, the men will mostly understand. You think we put up with the shit we do because we like it well you're wrong! We put up with it for the benefit of our families to make sure they always are cared for.

I like my job but honestly I stay for my family not for me.

cant explain it wont explain it, its just what it is

razors back