Thursday, March 26, 2009

Okay here is a recap of my fabulous 08

I bought this van^^^^^^ sold it for a handsome profit

Bought a travel trailer(caravan if the Irish chick is reading)

Bought a new truck to pull the new trailer

Bought a 1/3 share of 2 horses

Took up harness racing as a hoby

Lost 2 female cousins, one to suicide, one to cancer. We were not close but they were younger than me

Was diagnosed with type 2 diabetese

worked too many hours

Slept too little

Drank too much

I peaked this year, its all down hill from here and I don't like thrill rides

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Okay here is some rather sad information from me

Other then this is my third entry in a row and we all know what the third entrance is lol

Okay a perverted mind is a terrible thing to waste so here is a link to a web site that tells you what your website is supposedly worth

I ran some numbers

My humble blog $ 309.0

Chris's out rageous blog $ 10,012.00

thanks for shattering my fragile male ego Chris

I think I will go into a corner and have a wee cry, I may never recover

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Its quiz time readers, what is wrong with this picture?

Its snowing again and its fucking March so that is enough of that shit I command it to stop.

The whole northern plains is due to become a lake and that sun of a beech upstairs is sending us more moisture. God has to be a woman because only a real bitch would do that to us long suffering Eskimos

So if any of my faithless readers are god botherers get on your knees and pray for my benighted soul

Monday, March 23, 2009

The UN is in with a vote and here are the rankings for the best countries in the world(note these are before the financial melt down)

High Human Development

1 Iceland
2 Norway
3 Canada
4 Australia

15 United States

21 United Kingdom

The Global financial meltdown has largely missed western Canada and we like it that way

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Bang the worst dudes, sorry mom is a site where women go to bitch about men they have slept with. It is amazing how little self worth and how much shit women are willing to put up with

I wasted three years of my life with this prize, and after I gave him the boot he dropped out of school and moved back home with his mommy. The sex was forgettable, orgasm-less and brief. He also swore that the curve to his penis was due to him wearing size 00 women’s jeans. To top it all off, he never cleaned the washroom in his apartment once, so the floor was carpeted with discarded pubes. Months after we broke up he called me repeatedly to try to have phone sex. No thanks

This is becoming a favourite site of mine even though it is maddengly slow to update.

The ladies seem to think its a bitch site for their bad taste in men but to me the site should be called

Sorry mom I have no self esteem

Monday, March 16, 2009

Okay I have been accused of being a little elusive as of late so I am here to welcome you behind the curtains back stage to my fabulous life

Saturday as per my usual routine I was working on getting a little stupid on liquor. any ways i tripped myself up on a carelessly discarded towel and landed on my glass, doing a remarkably good job of cutting myself to pieces. the blood trail and pool where I stemmed the flow were fairly impressive. anyways i went to sleep after applying first aid.

the next day I woke up and re-examined my wounds and decided one needed stitches 2 to be exact. Instead of being embarrassed by admitting my stupidity i put them in myself. luckily they are hidden by clothes so i do not have to explain the shitty job. it appears to be healing well with no infection

Any ways just to satisfy the voyeurs you now know the truth and only the people who read my little tome actually know the truth. i lied to the Irish chick, i told her i hurt myself but if i told her this story she would freak. luckily she never reads this blog

my family only knows about the visible wounds

spread the word you have confirmation you have met a dumbass

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Okay now I know some people believe in togetherness but I think this is ridiculous. Now you can't even go to the crapper to be alone! Sometimes I despair.

Any ways back to my so called life

Lets see I spent the weekend in Portage La Prairie Manitoba at my nephew Paul's hockey tournament, a good time was had by all. I went in the hotel water slide played dodge ball with some water logged been bags and got drunk.

We had a party in my room till 3 am that included several visits from the management and the hasty retreat of my neighbours. For the amount they soaked me for that hotel room they aren't getting any sympathy from me, the maids however earned their pay on that job

My brother and I have a rivalry going over our trucks I say Ford's rule he is a mopar dork. This weekend my FORD played taxi to his family cause his crappy dodge wouldn't start Saturday morning outside a pizza joint in portage. That is twice in less than a year I have had to use my FORDS to rescue his dodges lol. Needless to say I have been rubbing it in gleefully at every opportunity

I spent time playing with my niece and nephew so it was a class time all the way around

Work is a never ending slog that is wearing me down faster than I ever anticipated so if you know anyone with 8 million dollars and the ambition to own a heavy equipment construction company in western Canada send them my way

The Diabetes thing is kicking the shit out of me and its causing problems with my kidneys. I always said I would die when I was 47 but am starting to wonder if I will last that long lol. Enough of the morbid shhtuff

One of my many long lost cousins contacted me through Facebook this week, I have only ever met her the one time along long time ago but we share a fairly unusual last name so she tracked me down. Was interesting to meet someone so unfamiliar yet with so many ties that bind

That's about all I can think of that is new and interesting but as always feel free to drop in and ask a question